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The importance of ISO certification in SA’s manufacturing sector

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IT’S no secret that the manufacturing sector in South Africa is fast-growing and ever-changing to the demands of global standards. ISO (International Organization for Standardisation) certifications such as ISO 14001, 45001, and 50001 can emphasise quality, efficiency and sustainability in the long run.

ISO’s widespread recognition means that manufacturers can develop their products and services using relevant reference documents across markets. ISO can bring businesses increased revenue, improved processes, efficiency, consistency and client satisfaction.
ISO certification experts, IMSM, explains the importance of acquiring ISO qualifications and what it means for efficient business operations.

Each certification represents a commitment to environmental responsibility, worker safety, and energy efficiency. ISO certifications open doors to new markets, reduce risks, and place businesses as global sustainability and safety leaders.

ISO 14001 – environmental management systems: for a greener tomorrow

The ISO 14001 certification is ideal for reducing waste management costs. The framework measures and improves how organisations use and dispose of natural resources and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. It also allows businesses to understand their compliance obligations regarding environmental legislation and even identify future regulations. It also keeps businesses updated with current legislation and supports operations at a world-class standard.

ISO 14001 pinpoints and alleviates waste by identifying suitable renewable energy sources and energy-saving practices for a more efficient and sustainable organisation. Implementing this standard naturally leads to reduced costs and other financial benefits such as less tax, lower energy and insurance bills and reduced operating costs.

Additionally, as the climate crisis amplifies, an ISO 40001 certification can improve consumer reputation and demonstrate an active commitment to corporate and social responsibility. Businesses can have a competitive edge in domestic and global markets since customers and partners now demand environmentally responsible suppliers.

ISO 45001 – occupational health and safety: for South Africa’s workforce

Attaining ISO 450001 certification can help a business address challenges in high-risk sectors such as construction and energy. ISO 450001 provides a structured framework to reduce workplace accidents, reduce downtimes and improve morale among the workforce. A safe workplace means a productive workforce, ultimately leading to a better bottom line.
ISO 45001 integrates core organisational processes, allowing senior management to be more involved. It also stresses the importance of worker participation in a properly functioning health and safety management system.

Other benefits of obtaining ISO 45001 are a reduced risk of prosecutions, potentially reduced insurance premiums, supply chain advantage and overall protection for employees.

ISO 50001 – energy management system: optimising energy usage

With the rising cost of energy, obtaining an ISO 50001 certification can help a business manage energy efficiently. Energy is a critical component in all manufacturing sectors, and its usage has significant cost implications.

ISO 50001 helps businesses take a structured approach towards measuring and monitoring how much energy is consumed. The great thing about this certification is that it applies to any organisation regardless of size, industry or location.

Not only is the ISO 50001 certification helping businesses to build a greener, cleaner environment, but it also uses data to understand and make decisions on energy use. International markets are also prioritising sustainable products and operations; therefore, ISO 50001 enhances the competitiveness of manufacturers globally.

As manufacturing sectors continue to grow, ISO certifications are a mark of excellence and the building blocks of a brighter, more sustainable, and safer future for the global manufacturing sector.

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