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Steering fleets to an all-electric future

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ABB and Amazon Web Services (AWS), an Amazon.com, Inc. company, announced a collaboration to jointly develop a cloud-based digital solution for the real-time fleet management of electric vehicles (EVs).

A statement from ABB said the solution would optimise the efficient use of EVs and speed up the electrification of transport fleets, helping fleet operators worldwide maintain 100 percent business continuity as they transition to fully electric.

“The collaboration will combine eMobility leader ABB’s extensive experience in energy management, charging technology and e-mobility solutions with AWS’s unparalleled portfolio of cloud technologies and software expertise,” the statement said.

It added that the new platform, which is planned for roll out in the second half of 2021, will offer a tailored user experience in a single-view platform. “From the EV charge point to the fleet data dashboard, it will make EV fleet management more efficient and maximise reliability.”

Frank Muehlon, President of ABB’s eMobility Division, said, “ABB and AWS share a similar vision around the potential of eMobility to transform society. Our combined expertise supports the common goal of making EV fleet management simpler and more accessible.

“This new solution will revolutionise the world of electric mobility, integrating EV hardware and software into one ecosystem to provide a seamless user experience. We are confident that by working together we can propel the use of electric fleet vehicles by giving operators the confidence to make the switch.”

At present, 23 percent of global, energy-related greenhouse gas emissions are caused by the transport sector, the ABB statement said, adding that electrification of traffic can substantially reduce CO2 levels and large fleets can play a crucial role, with nearly 400 000 electric delivery vans and trucks on the roads globally.

However, many fleets are met with similar challenges when it comes to real-time vehicle and charging status information, maintenance of EVs and managing access to charging infrastructure.

Today, most fleet operators opt for third-party charging management software. This, according to ABB, offers limited functionality and ability to customise based on the range of EV models and breadth of charging infrastructure. “The speed at which charging technology continues to develop is increasing, and the resulting adaptations needed can be costly and take a lot of resources.

“As such, fleet operators are looking for scalable, secure and easily tailored advanced software solutions, combined with easy to manage charging hardware, that enable them to plug and go.”

According to ABB, they plan to work with AWS to design an interoperable fleet management solution to work with all vehicle types and charging infrastructure. Using machine learning and analytics, it will include charge planning and real-time monitoring with insight and actions for vehicle health and servicing, along with EV route optimisation based on time of day, weather and use patterns.

“As industries forge ahead with electrification of their vehicle fleets, customers need reliable and intuitive services to help them adapt to the new operating model and optimise how they utilise their fleets,” said Jon Allen, Director, Professional Services, Automotive at AWS.

“This collaboration between AWS and ABB will combine our companies’ deep expertise in the automotive, logistics and electrification spaces with leadership in the cloud to deliver a hardware agnostic, intelligent electric fleet management solution.” ssfully transition to a lower-emission future.”

To drive progress in EV fleets, ABB has created a pureplay venture in Berlin that will develop tailored, scalable and cost-effective technologies for fleet operators which can be used by all vehicle OEMs.

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