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Safety ABBility boost for mine hoists

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GLOBAL technology company ABB has unveiled ABB Ability Safety Plus for hoists, a suite of mine hoist safety products. The products include Safety Plus Hoist Monitor (SPHM), Safety Plus Hoist Protector (SPHP) and Safety Plus Brake System (SPBS) including Safety Brake Hydraulics (SBH).

Oswald Deuchar, the company’s Global Product Line Manager for Hoisting said the products were designed in accordance with the international ‘safety of machinery’ standard (IEC62061) and had been independently certified by research institute RISE (Research Institute of Sweden) which works with companies, academia and the public sector in industrialisation, quality assurance and certification.

ABB Ability Safety Plus for hoists includes the new ABB SIL 3 Safety Plus Brake System (SPBS), which Deuchar said is the mining industry’s first fully independently certified Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL 3) mine hoist brake system. “SPBS will increase the safety of personnel riding mine hoists as well as the safety of the equipment, hoist and shaft infrastructure. The new SPHP provides enhanced protection for the mine hoist and mine shaft infrastructure equipment.”

ABB SIL 3 SPBS handles the application of the safety brakes during emergency stops and the prevention of brake lift. ABB SIL 3 SPHP monitors the speed and position of the hoists. It also monitors the instrumentation used by personnel accessing or using the hoist from different levels, for example, at gates and maintenance platforms, emergency stop buttons and remote lockout points. The ABB SIL 3 SPHP interfaces with the safety brake system to bring or keep the hoist to a safe state. It also interfaces with the drive and hoist control system.

“This is a significant milestone in mine hoist safety representing a world first for fully certified Safety Integrity Level 3 hoisting,” said Deuchar.

“Labour safety is a key priority for mine operators and increasing legislation underlines this imperative. The ABB Ability Safety Plus for hoists suite of products, SIL 3-rated components and self-diagnostics will ensure high availability of the mine hoist while providing the highest level of safety. These products are ready-made safety solutions, which are exhaustively tested in house, and designed for tough mine environments.”

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