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SA launch for ground-breaking new drill

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ELB Equipment recently became the launch client for one of the blasting and mining world’s most eagerly anticipated drills in recent times.

The new Furukawa DCR22 is a collaboration between a local copper mine, distributor ELB Equipment and Furukawa, the manufacturer, which led to the development of a rugged and fast new down-the-hole drill rig specially designed for tough, hard rock conditions.

That’s according to Jimmy Linton, ELB Equipment product manager for Furukawa, who added that the Japan-based rock drilling machine manufacturer was so impressed with the results that it had adopted the new machine and launched it globally for countries where hard rock and tough operating conditions occur.

The copper mine provided its requirements to us and we worked with Furukawa to begin developments. It took input from all quarters in terms of production requirements from engineers, operations personnel and operators to develop a machine that meets real world requirements for production, safety, reliability and long-term durability.

“The end result was good enough to pique the interest of buyers across the globe and we are proud of the fact that our collaboration was immediately industrialised and offered to the global market with the first shipment being consigned to all corners of the globe, including South Africa as the launch customer,” Linton said.

Weighing in at a hefty 24 500kg the Furukawa DCR22 will be put into service with the launch customer and will in future be stocked alongside the smaller Furukawa DCR20.

“In the 37 years that I have been in the drilling game this is without doubt the most exciting development that I have witnessed, because it merges tough, simple equipment with high-technology controls that really dramatically improve production and efficiency,” he said.

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