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Rugged plastic industrial plugs and couplers

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POWERMITE, a manufacturer and supplier of electrical plugs and sockets, has announced a new range of industrial plugs and couplers from the Ampco brand.

These plugs, couplers, socket outlets and accessories are part of the comprehensive Ampco Gen 2 plastic range which consists of connectors, plastic cable extension reels (XREEL), heavy-duty engineering plastic site distribution boxes with socket outlets, heavy- duty rubber distribution combination boxes, wall and flanged socket outlets 16A – 125A, switched interlocked sockets as well as the PRCD-S+ inline portable protection device.

“We are confident that these robust and reliable plastic industrial plugs and sockets will provide customers in Sub-Sahara Africa’s commercial, mining and industrial sectors with the necessary life cycle efficiencies to maximise their productivity potential,” said Donovan Marks, Director at Powermite.

Manufactured from Polyamide 6 and PC/ABS, the Ampco Gen 2 plastic range promises impact resistance combined with high robustness; high thermal stability (self-extinguishing); great insulating qualities; high disruptive strength; UV resistance according to ISO 4892-2 as well as high abrasion and weather resistance.

The Ampco Gen 2 plastic range complies with CEE International Standard IEC 60309. CEE plugs and sockets are internationally normalised by IEC 60309-1 and 60309-2 equivalent to the European Norms EN 60309 part 1 and EN 60309 parts 2.

Marks said that during the production process Ampco plugs and sockets undergo stringent inspections and are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

Designed and developed to expand on Ampco’s existing plastic and metal product suite, the IPP44 or IP67 rated Gen 2 plastic industrial plugs and couplers series are available in three, four or five poles with rated currents of 16 to 125A and voltages from 24V to 500V.

The plug and coupler range includes plug rubber grips and TT models; phase inverter plug grip and TT models; plug sharks; plug power twists; plug coupler power twist, angled plugs and angled plug twists.

These Gen 2 plugs and couplers feature a tool free TWIST cable gland with integral compression strain relief for flexible cable types with a self-adjusting conical compression gland to accommodate a wide range of cable sizes.

Operator safety and convenience have been taken into account during the design of these plugs and couplers. The plugs and couplers have a hinged lid that ensures single-hand operation while an ergonomically shaped rubberised grip offers secure purchase and a safe grip.

Additional features offered by the plug range: A mechanically secure cable grip; the gland has an Acme thread for high force and a safety lock screw that ensures the gland remains secured. Further exploring the Gen 2 coupler series, the units require one contact for tough environments and feature metric screws, a lock screw, seal, wide connection space, leading ground and frame terminals, a contact carrier and a lamellar spring.

The Gen 2 plastic range of plugs and couplers with screw terminals can be accessed from one-direction with multi-slots and include PE terminal leading (double screws). The units with Turbo Terminal screwless terminals enable mounting without tools through a twist-lock action, a great time saving and have open contact terminals.

These units ensure rapid assembly and conductor installation, are shock and vibration resistant and can be closed with just by thumb pressure. In addition, the multi-ramp quick-lock system ensures hassle-free dismantling.

Marks said these rugged products are perfectly at home in harsh applications where portable electrical equipment and elevated safety is required such as factories machine tools and mining equipment.

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