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Rental air compressor fleet goes electric

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RAND Air, a leading equipment rental company since 1973, supports two important strategies. The first is to continue investing in its rental fleet in order to be able to offer customers a wide range of flexible solutions. The second is to add more electric equipment to the company’s fleet to provide customers with clean energy rental options that are more efficient and reduce carbon footprints, ultimately contributing to a greener planet.

To this end, the rental specialist recently invested in a new portable electric oil-free screw compressor, the PTE 900 VSD+. Rand Air operations manager, Craig Swart, explains that the new machine is half the size of their current electric air compressor range. “Customers now have a choice between an electric 900 and 1500 CFM electric compressor, depending on their air requirements. Matching machine and application offers a much more efficient solution by minimising air wastage and reducing energy consumption.”

Making the PTE 900 VSD+ even more efficient is the revolutionary Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology which automatically adjusts the motor speed to perfectly match air production to air demand in real-time. The VSD+ drive train also ensures a low starting current.

The ISO 8573-1 (Class 0) PTE 900 VSD+ is ideal for essentially any industry that demands oil-free air to avoid the risk of end-product contamination. This includes the refinery (primary market segment), food & beverage, petrochemical and electronic sectors. According to Swart, power stations are also moving to electric air compressors as they offer a much more efficient alternative to diesel machines, especially when taking into account the high cost of fuel.

Featuring a small footprint, a modular set-up, zero-emissions and low noise levels, the flexible, trailer-mounted PTE 900 VSD+ has been specially designed to operate close to where the oil-free air is needed. This means fewer hoses, saving on costs, and faster installation, saving on time. Plug-and-play connections further facilitate installation. The machine also ensures a safe, clean and comfortable workspace.

This rugged and reliable machine incorporates a smart controller, remote monitoring, an IP67 rated water-cooled drive, an integrated after-cooler and water separator and a spillage-free frame. Uptime and productivity are top of the agenda for operational sustainability and this is where the PTE 900 VSD+ is unrivalled; no refuelling is required and service intervals are longer.

Swart points out that true to the company’s commitment to being able to offer a wide range of rental options, the fleet also includes oil-free diesel air compressors. “We realise that an electric machine is not suited for all applications. Take remote sites as an example, which may not necessarily have access to an electric grid. Here our diesel 800 oil-free air compressors will do the job. We also have stationary VSD units (ZT) which are suitable for long-term rentals.”

“We have set our sights on having a total of seven PTE 900 VSD+ units by late 2024; we have already placed an order for two more machines for our rental fleet at our Jet Park, Johannesburg head office. Going forward we are planning to purchase another four units for our regional depots,” says Swart.

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