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Proudly SA solution effectively cleans compressed air

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ISO-Reliability Partners has taken another step in bringing to market highly effective solutions to combat contamination in all its forms. The locally designed and patented Air Wizard inline water trap is proudly manufactured in South Africa. It has been SABS tested for the separation of water, oily fluids, rust and solid particulates from pneumatic compressed air, a Proudly SA solution effectively cleans compressed air

“Anyone operating a compressor understands the ongoing problems associated with water and contaminants in compressed air lines,” comments ISO-Reliability Partners CEO Craig FitzGerald.

Air Wizard is a solution for compressed air treatment that efficiently removes water and solid particulate matter without any need for servicing, maintenance or consumable costs.

It is fitted with a unique patented condensate drain mechanism that allows for the collection and removal of condensate, oil, rust and any other foreign particle from the flow path, without unnecessary air loss during the automated purge and discharge cycle.

“Our homegrown solution to clean compressed air is highly efficient, effective and consumable free,” points out FitzGerald. The Air Wizard extracts about 97% of free water in the system which, in turn, reduces corrosion and protects tools, air motors, instruments and other equipment being driven by compressed air.

The product has been SABS pressure tested to over 12 Bar or 1200 kPa. The pneumatic water trap passed SABS efficiency tests with an average of 96.85%. “This makes Air Wizard the most effective solution available to industry – and, the best of all, it incurs zero operational or maintenance costs,” highlights FitzGerald.

Water condensation is a by-product of compressing air.

The quantity of water collected by an air compressor depends mainly on the ambient air quality, humidity levels, operating pressure and inlet condition.

In simple terms, air temperature, humidity, compressor size and operating pressure determine the amount of water that will collect in the air tank.

This moisture affects the entire system, including piping and connections. Considering that hot, humid air has a higher moisture content than cold air, water vapour is created within the compressor.

To counteract this, numerous high maintenance accessories exist in the market, including condensation separators, aftercoolers, refrigerant dryers and adsorption dryers. These known accessories have varying degrees of efficiency and associated continuous maintenance and high service costs, according to FitzGerald.

As water is the predominant contaminant found in compressed air systems, the focus has always been on water removal. However, many other contaminants are found in air systems that are not removed by these accessories.

These include micro-organisms, oil vapour, atmospheric particulates, dust, rust and pipe scale. “Air Wizard stands apart not only due to its affordability, but through the removal of all foreign particulate matter,” adds FitzGerald.

Water moisture is known to be highly problematic to pneumatic systems, instruments, air motors, actuators, valves and air-powered tools. In addition, any components or machines connected to the pneumatic system are impacted, resulting in potential contamination or quality variances of the end product.

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