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Precision printing, even on dark surfaces

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THE 9450 E continuous inkjet printer from Markem-Imaje meets productivity, contrast and adhesion needs for cable, tube and extrusion manufacturers.

That’s according to local distributor Pyrotec PackMark the 9450 E combines a premium ink circuit with a next-generation printhead design that ensures quality codes, even on dark substrates, and an optimised total cost of ownership (TCO).

“The 9450 E prints up to 3 000km of cables without the need for printhead cleaning,” the company said in a statement. “Compared to other competitive models in the same category, it offers a reduced TCO, 20% ink savings without compromising on contrast, it’s 20% faster, and it runs at speeds of up to 1000m/min for wire harnessing and optical fibre applications.”

It said the printer is extremely precise, even when it comes to wires as small as 1mm in character height.

“It’s precise when using the embedded metering function (with a 2mm tolerance), and speciality inks in multiple colours (black, white, orange, blue, green, red and yellow) offer contrast on dark surfaces and high adhesion codes.”

Markem-Imaje also provides a premium range of inks for various environments.

“Its automatic cleaning system, coupled with Intelli’Jet technology, provides clean, hassle-free start-ups and high-quality codes, every time. It’s also precise after maintenance, and its modular Intelli’Swap design, with an extrusion-dedicated bracket that can be repositioned using one hand in just a second, makes maintenance easy.”

Premium inks from Markem-Imaje are designed for tough environmental conditions and, as part of the Intelli’lnk system, the 9450 E’s inks are fast drying and non-migrating with resistance to UV, automotive fluids, underwater environments, and vulcanisation.

The codes are also long-lasting, even on PE. “These dedicated inks are specially formulated and tested for high-contrast and perfect adhesion on a wide variety of surfaces, including the most difficult ones, such as PVC, PE, LSZH, and PP.”

They’re also available in MEK-free options, with an array of inks (including white) that, according to the company, reduce VOC emissions and enhance employee safety while simplifying paperwork, particularly when exporting.

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