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Pothole patcher hailed a ‘game changer’ for SA roads and SMEs

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KWAZULU-Natal-based Shisalanga Construction, known for road building innovations like using recycled plastic in asphalt, has now turned its attention to the nationwide pothole problem, with the launch of a prototype pothole-patching trailer unit it says can patch between five and eight tons of asphalt a day.

“It’s like transporting a mini asphalt plant conveniently hitched to your vehicle,” said Financial Manager Lisa Mills. “The trailer is a packaged unit that has everything one might need to patch up potholes successfully.”

She said the portable unit significantly streamlines the patching process. The compact trailer is able to function with as little as three to five workers at a time thereby reducing the need for large teams and reducing unnecessary costs.

The mobility of the trailer also prevents the back-and-forward nature of transporting hot mix. If an asphalt plant or quarry isn’t readily accessible, the costs incurred from regularly fetching asphalt can be excessive.

Managing Director Deane Koekemoer said the new portable trailer provides a convenient solution: hot storage within the unit can keep as much as eight tons of mix sufficiently warm without compromising the quality of compaction.

“In time our trailer will become a game-changer for SMMEs and for municipalities who either don’t have easy access to a plant or don’t have a massive budget for pothole patching.”

One concern regarding pothole patching is the debris that often gets left behind after uplifting asphalt. Shisalanga’s Pothole Patching trailer includes a rejuvenation pack to re-use insitu material taken out of potholes. This technology recycles and extends the life of old asphalt by mixing it on site to be used for repaving.

“As eco-friendly alternatives to regular hot mix asphalt, Shisalanga’s Eco Asphalt and Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) both guarantee high performance while simultaneously lowering the carbon footprint associated with paving.”

Eco Asphalt utilises locally sourced recycled plastic in the binder produces which enhances binder properties of the mix. WMA reduces carbon emissions as it can be paved at lower temperatures while still achieving the best compaction to ensure longevity of the patch.

“This portable technology can maintain and elevate the temperature of asphalt more consistently than other trailer products on the market. What’s more, the trailer actively aids in curbing the environmental issues associated with pothole patching by allowing us to recycle old asphalt on site,” said Koekemoer.

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