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One-touch, advanced power quality analysis

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COMTEST is offering the Fluke’s range of Three-Phase Power Quality Loggers – 1742, 1746 and 1748 – which it says give users fast, easy access to the data they need to make critical power quality and energy decisions in real-time.

“Compact and rugged, these Three-Phase Power Quality Loggers are designed specifically for technicians and engineers who need the flexibility to troubleshoot, quantify energy usage and analyze power distribution systems,” the company said in a statement.

“Fully compliant with international power quality standards such as IEC 61000-4-30 and capable of simultaneously logging up to 500 parameters while also capturing events, the Fluke 1740 Series helps uncover intermittent and hard-to-find power quality issues easily.”

The included Energy Analyze plus software quickly assesses the quality of power at the service entrance, substation, or at the load, according to national and international standards like EN 50160 and IEEE 519.

“An optimized user interface, flexible current probes, and an intelligent measurement verification function allows for digital verification and correct connections make setup easier, considerably reducing measurement uncertainty.”

The devices also allow users to minimize time spent in potentially hazardous environments, while reducing the need to suit-up in PPE by using a wireless connection (WiFi) to view data directly in the field.

The Fluke 1748 logs over 500 different parameters for each averaging period. This allows for the analysis of power quality in detail and the correlation of intermittent events with detailed waveform data, helping to identify the root cause of disturbances.

For basic power quality logging, the Fluke 1746 captures all relevant power parameters for performing energy saving studies and electrical network planning with a full upgrade option to 1748 available. For simple load and energy studies the Fluke 1742 offers optimal performance in a rugged package and can be upgraded to 1746 or complete 1748 functionality.

When downloading data from the Fluke 1748 Power Quality Loggers, Energy Analyze Plus, can calculate the limits of current harmonics based on installation parameters to predict overload of the grid according to a wide range of international

“This powerful predictive maintenance feature enables current harmonics to be observed before distortion appears in the voltage allowing users to prevent unexpected failures or non-compliance situations and increase system uptime.”

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