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On track with Lifting Connect

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Lifting Equipment, tools, machinery, vehicles – all are essential to getting the job done. Keeping track of these items and mandatory legal inspections is also essential. Yale Lifting Solutions (Pty) Ltd introduces a locally developed highly sophisticated, yet easy to use cloud tracking system, LIFTING CONNECT that vastly reduces human error. Presently, the majority of assets are identified through a specific serial number or a unique number that allows for easy identification of an asset; with the unique number linked to an inspection sheet.

Yale Lifting Solutions (Pty) Ltd will be laser engraving all lifting equipment where possible with QR Codes containing the serial number in addition to the current factory fitted name plates and ID Tags. All Shackles will be laser engraved with a serial number before supplying. All other equipment will be fitted with Barcoded ID Tags or Unique Numbered Lifting Connect Tags as per the customer’s requirements. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tags are available as per customer requests. This enables links to a cloud-based asset tracking and inspection system LIFTING CONNECT.

LIFTING CONNECT incorporates an ID to each asset, through tags, laser engraved barcodes or RFID tags which are scannable using a specialised barcode reader or RFID scanner. This links to an android-based app that then allows for the input of asset-specific inspection information that is stored and downloadable into different formats (Excel, CSV, Print, PDF).

The asset type and inspection forms are designed around current legislation, OHSA & DMR requirements, MHSA Requirements, SANS & International Standards, Best Practice, etc. The Asset Types and Inspection Forms are fully customisable and dependant on your individual requirements with the consideration of the standard system parameters.

LIFTING CONNECT also caters for Generic Electronic form capturing and examples include Time Sheets, Near Miss Reports, Risk Assessments, Leave Forms, Planned Task Observations and more.

Stored in a secure and customised cloud no additional server or software is required, data is backed up continuously and access to information for all assets on your database can be done via a web portal where users can access:

  • Dashboard View
  • Asset View
  • Asset History
  • Asset Inspection History (Including Yale Lifting Solutions Quarterly Inspection and Annual Load Testing Certificates)
  • Certificate Viewing
  • Inspection and Issue History
  • Report Viewing
  • Current Location Status
  • Current User Status
  • Legal Status
  • Inspection Status
  • Last Inspection Date
  • Users
  • Input Options (Fields)
  • Export
  • Administration
  • All these Assets are easily accessible and searchable via filters and built-in search functionality.

With data securely stored in the cloud, you can access real-time inspection and tracking once the system has been synced and can access all records online without the need for paperwork or physical legal files. The data is easily searchable and can be filtered according to your specific needs.

But it is not just about cloud-based security and ease of use. The App enables users to add or create an asset, verify an asset, inspect, read, or update, scan an asset, fill in generic or linked-to-asset forms, and issue and receive assets.

There are various types of tags that can be used, available in different colours; Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel Inspection ID tags – Barcoded; Lifting Connect Inspection tags – Unique Number; and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) available in many different formats that are uniquely suitable to various equipment types and application specific environments. RFID Tags are ideally suitable for Individual and Bulk Scanning (Programable and Re-Writable). And where permanent fixed readers are installed giving the end user real time tracking and tracing information.

LIFTING CONNECT brings technology to the fore by enabling real time, accurate, and robust asset management, tracking and inspection management. And ensures all legal obligations are met and manageable.

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