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‘Next-generation’ engineering consumables and tooling

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BY recognising the country’s engineering pioneers, as well as being prepared to pivot as quickly as required, JTB Industrial Solutions (JTB) intends to move forward and make its mark by offering “next generation” engineering solutions to fast-growing base of loyal customers.

This is according to Managing Director Joash David, who heads up this young, energised importer and distributor of engineering consumables, equipment and accessories to a wide variety of industry sectors, both locally and across Africa.

“JTB Industrial Solutions is still a relatively new company, having begun trading in 2019. However, my team and I have more than five decades of experience in the engineering and tooling environment between us,” David said. “It is also important to me to acknowledge that I stand on the shoulders of South Africa’s engineering pioneers who came before me, some of whom I have been privileged to be mentored by, and to have worked with very closely.

“Having built a very solid foundation with the assistance and encouragement of these industry ‘giants’, it is now my personal mission – as the ‘next generation’ in the industry – to offer the latest, cutting-edge ‘next-generation’ technology and solutions to our customers,” he said.

The industry sectors serviced include engineering and fabrication, automotive engineering, mining, aerospace, agriculture, petrochemical, further education and training, and food and beverages.

“Our core business lies in engineering consumables, and I have significant experience and a successful track record here. Very often in our industry, a customer not only needs a product, but they also need it fast. Timing is everything. Our team of like-minded individuals is small yet highly motivated, and our cohesive, streamlined operational model allows us to ‘pivot’, work quickly and scale up fast, as and when required in order to meet our customers’ requirements.”

Commenting on his relationship with long-standing colleague and industry stalwart, Operations Manager Peter Hughes, David said, “I have the greatest respect for Peter, and I believe that together we combine the best of shared knowledge, wisdom and teamwork – together with energy and a willingness to continuously improve, innovate for the benefit of our valued customers.”

Hughes endorsed this observation. “Joash embodies the energetic essence of the next generation reflected in our company tagline: ‘next-generation engineering solutions’. I believe our industry needs to adopt this ethos to survive – and thrive – going forward.

Joash is also known for his enthusiasm and rigorous procurement standards, which allows JTB to bring the best quality technology to our customers, sourced from around the world.”

David endorses Hughes’s observation about the importance of the procurement process, and notes that JTB places great importance on due-diligence and quality. “We are always looking to improve our customers’ operations, and to supply innovative technology while reducing their costs. As such, it is important to stay in touch with global product development. We believe it is imperative to proactively engage with suppliers – visiting manufacturing facilities where possible – and taking careful note of product origin: manufacture, specifications and features.”

While the company carries a comprehensive portfolio, its primary suppliers include Asimeto, Curv-O-Mark, Solar, YG-1, Loc-Line, NOGA and a number of products under the JTB brand and private label. These include JTB brazed tools, JTB HSS tool bits and JTB machine tool accessories.

The company’s customer base currently numbers over 70, located across South Africa, especially in Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and the Free State – as well as in neighbouring sub-Saharan African countries such as Botswana, Namibia and Zambia.

“Our customer base and footprint has grown exponentially over the last two eventful ‘pandemic’ years since we started JTB Industrial Solutions,” said David. “This proves our ‘mettle’ and core motivation: people buy from people, and we are a business that is driven to sell to – and serve – people. We started and have thus far succeeded in a very challenging economy – so we know that we will also succeed in good times too.”

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