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New tractor a Beast when it comes to power, tech and comfort

Home Agriculture New tractor a Beast when it comes to power, tech and comfort

DESIGNED to maximise time in the field while optimising yield, the new 9R-Series, dubbed The Beast, is the latest contender for the largest, strongest and most technologically advanced John Deere Tractor on the market in Africa and the Middle East.

John Deere says the upgraded 9R-Series lineup is the only tractor series on the market offering a wheeled (9R), two-track (9RT) and four-track (9RX) configuration to ensure optimum performance, effectiveness and efficiency on all types of soil.

“It enables farmers to cover more ground in less time with greater accuracy and quality and reduce their operating costs, all while enjoying a larger, more comfortable cab,” the company said in a statement.

The new 9R-Series Tractors come equipped with the John Deere PowerTech 13.6L (830-cu in) engine which, according to the company, offers 390-590 horsepower, optimal fuel efficiency and robust engine capacity.

“We achieve this by leveraging a high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) system and a hydraulic fan drive. The 13.6L engine offers 13.5% more horsepower than the 13.5L engine, 3% more fluid efficiency, 50% less engine noise, a 27% improvement in repairability and a 13% reduction in maintenance costs.”

On the comfort and convenience front, the operator station now has extended headroom, a wider entry path, a larger integrated refrigerator, new seat options, touchscreen radio, footrests and more. All 9R-Series Tractors offer the choice of Select, Premium or Ultimate cab packages to choose from, while three new visibility packages provide additional lighting, sunshade and camera options.

The increased max ballast, designed for maximum traction and drivetrain efficiency helps reduce slip and boosts power at the drawbar.

Technology wise, JDLink provides farmers with John Deere Connected Support and expert alerts, while the StarFire 6000 Integrated Receiver is designed to reduce setup time by eliminating terrain compensation module (TCM) calibrations.

The new series comes equipped with a range of precision ag applications including AutoTrac Turn Automation and Implement Guidance (passive guidance), as well as AutoPath, an application that uses data collected from the first pass in the field to establish precise row guidance for all subsequent field passes.

Gen 4 Machine Sync creates a wireless network between the tractor and combine to enable on-the-go unloading by ensuring the grain cart arrives on time and automatically follows the harvester, while Section Control is an application that turns machine or implement sections on and off automatically to improve efficiency for producers by reducing product overlap in the field.

In-Field Data Sharing is another precision ag application that allows the user to share maps and guidance lines and review the performance of machines working in the same field.

All integrated technology is country-specific depending on in-country requirements and prior approvals by John Deere.

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