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New SA distributor for top Italian temperature control relays

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ITALY-based temperature control relay specialist Tecsystem has appointed Trafo Power Solutions – a leading local supplier of dry-type transformers – as its distributor in sub-Saharan Africa.

Tecsystem has, for over 40 years, been developing and manufacturing electronic and electromechanical devices for controlling temperature on equipment such as transformers, motors, generators and variable speed drives.

“We have been using temperature control relays from Tecsystem on our dry-type transformers for many years,” said David Claassen, Managing Director of Trafo Power Solutions. “The quality of this product makes the company one of the global leaders in this specialised field.”

Andrea Lorusso, Sales Area Manager at Tecsystem, said the company was pleased to have the expertise and network of Trafo Power Solutions to give the South African market easier access to its products.

“Trafo Power Solutions understands their operating environment well, and also appreciates the value that our technologies can add to the market,” said Fabrizio Giavenni, Sales and Marketing Manager. “As we continuously develop our product range, customers in South Africa can look forward to more exciting innovations.”

Claassen said the synergy between the two companies is based on the fact that Trafo Power Solutions equips all of its cast-resin transformers with heat sensors that link to a temperature control system.

“Customers purchasing dry-type transformers are often supplied with a temperature control relay as a separate item – almost as an optional extra. This is not our approach. Rather, we consider the control and protection requirements as an integral part of the overall scope of designing a transformer.”

Trafo Power Solutions designs a dedicated control and protection panel – which includes a Tecsystem relay – to suit the customer’s specific transformer. It is then a simple matter of cabling up the main supply, without having to deal with the complexity of linking up the control unit.

“This is part of our philosophy of providing a full solution to the customer, not just products. We are assisted in this by Tecsystem’s wide variety of highly reliable control relays, which ranges from hard-wired configurations to protocols such as SCADA and ethernet,” Claassen said.

The company will also be supplying Tecsystem’s air-forced (AF) fan cooling systems for cast resin transformers, says Claassen, with control systems designed and installed by Trafo Power Solutions. These fans are installed on the transformer feet, in a set of three fans on each side of the transformer, directly under the windings.

“They are typically used for additional protection rather than continuous operation. The fans provide efficient and prompt cooling if and when the transformer temperature exceeds a pre-determined value.”

The company’s regular use of Tecsystem products puts Trafo Power Solutions in an ideal position to assist the market in making effective use of these technologies. There are also adequate stocks held in South Africa to allow for easy availability and quick access to the required products.

“Our facilities are equipped with the required equipment to test products before shipment to customers, as well as to pre-programme the units according to the planned application,” said Claassen.

The programming is done on a dedicated simulation desk which is able to replicate the conditions in which the relay is required to operate. This simplifies the job for the customer, who then has only to follow a wiring diagram when installing the relay.

“We can also play a valuable remote trouble-shooting role for customers throughout Africa who need to update parameters in a relay, for instance. With our equipment and expertise, we can ‘mimic’ the unit on our side and then assist them over the phone,” Claassen said,

According to Giavenni, the first micro-processor unit was developed  in 1984 specifically to protect the cast resin transformers from temperature overloads. Continuous research and development by Tecsystem has seen ongoing product improvements ensuring reliability.

“Quality is an important cornerstone of our production and all our products comply with the latest technical specifications and ratings. Our R&D department conducts both preliminary and routine testing from the initial engineering phase right through to production,” Giavenni said.


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