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New peristaltic hose pump a flow rate champ

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THE proven Verderflex Dura hose pump series has grown, with the Dura 65 hose pump replacing the popular VF65, boasting 20% more flow and 20% longer hose life.

“The new Verderflex Dura 65 it’s much more than just a facelift to replace the Verderflex VF65,” said Darryl Macdougall, Managing Director, Verder Pumps South Africa. “Our R&D team placed significant focus not only on the technical standpoint, but also what would make life easier, for both the owner and the user, when developing this pump.”

He added that thanks to the optimisation of the rotor, rotor shoe and the sliding surface of the hose, the new pump achieves the highest flow rate on the market at this size. With a maximum flow rate of 33,000 litres/hour, it exceeds the performance of the previous VF 65 by 20%.

Additionally, since the rotor requires fewer revolutions for this performance, the hose has less occlusions and therefore achieves a 20% longer hose service life.

The pump offers a seal-less and valveless, proportional flow rate. By incorporating the technical advances from the rest of the DURA range and increasing the utilised length of the hose so that the unit has a class leading swept volume which enables the pump to achieve a maximum continuous flow rate of 22m3/hr.

This puts the DURA 65 with a flow rate that matches existing pumps in the market, which are designated as ‘80’ size, making the cost per flowrate with the Dura 65 better value for money. Additionally, the hose can be changed on site.

“Verder have also made some modifications which ensure that servicing is more about ease, and reduced time rather than mess and complexity. There is now a filling nozzle for the lubricant, and a service access port on the front cover.”

To make the pump safer, a lifting point has been fitted on the front cover and a valve and hose tail has been added at the lubricant drain port so it will not spill all over the floor, when emptying. There is an option for a level indicator, and max/min fluid sensors for the lubricant bath – so it can be connected and remotely monitored. This can also support hose failure monitoring.

The smaller pump sizes of the Verderflex Dura are also available with an integrated frequency converter including potentiometer and installed hose breakage monitoring. The iDura launched in September 2020 is available for the Dura 5 – Dura 35. The iDura series can be controlled via 4-20 mA, Modbus RTU, CANopen or Profibus via the inverter.

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