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Mega digester delivery a ‘game changer’ for Africa water re-use

Home Agriculture Mega digester delivery a ‘game changer’ for Africa water re-use

PIETERMARITZBURG-based Sustainable water and wastewater solutions company Talbot has delivered what it says is the first Econvert Eco Digester to be installed on the African continent.

The anaerobic wastewater treatment plant was prefabricated and installed in a 4m-diameter X 16m-long glass-reinforced plastic tank before being trucked from Durban to the client’s Gauteng-based production facility.

It will be used in the processing of wastewater generated in the manufacture of sport and soft drinks by one of the continent’s largest listed producers of fast-moving consumer goods.

CEO Carl Haycock said that whilst Talbot has been designing and building anaerobic digestors across Africa for large wastewater producers over 20 years the Eco Digester is a game-changer for smaller wastewater producers who were previously unable to justify the considerable costs associated with traditional anaerobic digestion.

“This option offers beverage producers, breweries, distilleries, food processors, dairies, sugar and pulp mills a cost-effective way of enhancing water recovery and reuse. It also generates notable cost savings in wastewater disposal and helps companies achieve consistent environmental compliance.”

Furthermore, he said, organic matter broken down by anaerobic micro-organisms can be used to produce energy-rich biogas, giving production facilities the option to channel renewable energy back into their processes.

Talbot technology partner Econvert Water and Energy is a European specialist in the delivery of anaerobic digestion and biogas water treatment solutions. Talbot has the exclusive rights to the technology across Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

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