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Keeping ageing water infrastructure going

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ECIALISTS from BMG with technical knowledge and extensive experience in water engineering play an important role in upgrading ageing water and wastewater facilities and designing new drive systems, helping to ensure a dependable infrastructure.

That’s according to Kelly Mac Iver, Gears Business Unit Manager, at the company’s ElectroMechanical Division, who said the selection of robust equipment, which can endure continuous operation under severe conditions is critical.

“Every drive package selected must match the application perfectly, to ensure energy-efficiency, low running costs, minimum downtime and extended service life of the system. Care for the environment is also a priority at BMG and for this reason, we select environmentally-friendly drive solutions that help minimise CO₂ emissions.

“It is also important to prevent unnecessary breakdowns, which is why reliability is our main focus when designing the drive systems for new and upgraded facilities,” he said.

BMG supplies an extensive range of drive packages from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS and Sumitomo Drive Technologies (Hansen, Paramax, Cyclo, HSM helical shaft mounts) which have been designed especially for optimum efficiency in harsh applications, including water, wastewater and sewage treatment plants.

Sumitomo’s Hansen product range include gear units that drive aerators, water screws and brush aerators.

Notable features of BMG’s locally-assembled Hansen agitator/aerator gearboxes include the flexibility for application-specific product design to meet exact requirements, carburised and ground bevel and helical gearing for added strength, as well as high torque capacity, surface durability and low noise performance. Robust weatherproof housings raise the gearbox and drive motor above the service platform, to prevent contact with water.

Hansen gearboxes are available from BMG with standard or heavy-duty output bearings and have the additional option of extended output bearing distance housings which allow for greater output shaft support.

There is a large overhung load capacity of the gear units and the housing design ensures smooth transition of forces from the centre bore to the mounting feet. A rigid lantern housing seamlessly connects the gear unit with the motor. Continuous oil circulation is facilitated via a mechanical oil pump and internal oil channels, through to the bearings, to ensure extended service life of the gear unit.

The internal construction of the gear unit housing allows for simple and complete oil drainage, while Hansen’s Oil-Lock and Oil-Guard systems offer a maintenance-free sealing on high-speed shaft extensions. The drywell – available on Hansen P4 gear units – prevents oil leakage on vertical down shafts. Larger units, with inspection covers above the oil level, allow for convenient inspection of internal components on site.

Hansen aerator/agitator units also allow for fitment of additional options, such as oil-sight glasses, flow switches, temperature sensors, oil level switches and dipsticks. Standard application designs range from 13 kNm to 328 kNm torque capabilities.

“BMG’s Sumitomo Paramax gear reducers, which are proven in the conveyor and materials handling industry, also offer the water treatment sector a range of gearboxes that is well-positioned with regards to product capabilities and advanced features, at competitive pricing,” he said.

This range is available as right angle or parallel vertical units, with a 25-degree pressure angle tooth form, that produces stronger gearing. The mechanical oil pump requires no electricity, gears are carburised, heat-treated and finished to the highest standards of accuracy. Paramax units are painted with anti-corrosion paint for extended servicelife in harsh working conditions.

NORD drives, which include a Unicase helical shaft mount geared motor in its range, have special features to meet the requirements imposed during water treatment procedures.

“NORD drives consist of gears, motors and brakes that are protected against corrosion. Special covers for the hollow shaft and motor also ensure that the drive is entirely resistant to spray from tanks and the humid and aggressive conditions to which it is exposed in sewage treatment plants,” said Deon Crous, National Product Manager, NORD Drive Systems at BMG.

“Explosion-proof motors, with electrical and mechanical speed controls, are fitted with anti-condensation heaters for stand-still periods and reinforced bearings for extended life are standard. Special vent plugs, lubricants and a valve-type oil drainage facility also enhance performance in these demanding applications.”

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