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Innovative self-priming dewatering pumps from a global leader

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GODWIN Pump’s new BD150 self-priming pump is the newly developed multipurpose dewatering pump by Godwin for construction, industrial, utility dewatering and more. The company says that it has re-engineered its popular dewatering system to deliver a pump that’s more efficient, cost-effective, and reliable.

It’s reliable, versatile and designed to tackle the toughest dewatering jobs on-site, with Godwin’s support on hand.

Attractive features include two pumps in one, with interchangeable application-specific impellers; and improved hydraulic performance, as the pump delivers up to 15% improved fuel economy. Priming is fully automatic – from dry to 8.5 m suction lift. There are two self-priming options – vacuum or venturi priming. An innovative, simple construction enables ease of handling and service while the pump has a longer product life due to its robust and corrosion-resistant fabrication.

The Godwin BD150T dri-prime pump handles debris larger than a cricket ball.
With streamlined serviceability and improved hydraulic efficiency, this pump is ready for any dewatering application.

Every system in the Godwin BD150 dri-prime Pump is designed with one goal in mind: to competently manage any challenge presented by construction, water utility, or industrial dewatering operations. That includes solids like debris and mud containing solids up to 75 mm in diameter.

The ability to pump non-compressible solids, along with a host of new features that reduce wear and tear and increase uptime, makes this pump a robust and reliable solution.
The bare shaft is made of corrosion-resistant durable material. It has a high-efficiency impeller for greater fuel economy and a robust impeller, seal and bearings material, which are consistent with the Godwin brand. The expected product life is greater than five years and spare parts are available.

Ingeniously versatile

With interchangeable impellers, it’s like having two pumps in one. “The Godwin BD150T stands as one of the most durable industrial and dewatering pumps we ever produced. And with a simple impeller switch it can also become one of the most efficient pumps available,” according to the company.

The ability to interchange between the 2-bladed and more efficient 3-bladed impellers provides the versatility of two pumps in one: the BD150T for solids handling applications, and the BD150C for clean water applications.

No-compromise solution

Increased pump efficiency means greater performance while consuming less power and fuel means there is no need to compromise. The improved hydraulic design also means less NPSHr and reduced chance of wear due to cavitation.
The following market-leading configuration and component options are available: diesel and electric drive options; open skid base; and 4-wheel trolley.

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