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Genuine filtration product manufactured under strict conditions

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ISO-Reliability Partners is the only legitimate manufacturer of Filter Focus hydrocarbon filtration products. “The brand is a registered trademark and use is strictly authorised under licence,” says Craig FitzGerald. An example is Filter Focus Kathu in the Northern Cape.

FitzGerald, who developed and refined the range of microfine filtration products over 15 years, warns against the use of copied products passing under the Filter Focus brand.
“The exacting performance results of the original filtration products were refined under strict standards developed to what is regarded as the most efficient and cost effective solutions for hydrocarbon cleanliness available globally,” comments FitzGerald. Fluid cleanliness standards achieved by Filter Focus brand owner ISO-Reliability Partners far exceed present industry standards. This significantly increases lubricated component and useful oil life.

FitzGerald says that the need to warn the market has arisen due to sub-standard manufacturing practices by third parties. The copied products available on the market are easy to identify by their black or green plastic end caps without permanent seals.

“Customers report that seals are reused with these filter elements, breaking the vital rule of filtration for effective sealing under pressure. Plastic deforms with heat and pressure, making this option highly unsuitable for in-operation lube filtration,” warns FitzGerald.

Genuine Filter Focus products from ISO-Reliability Partners can be identified by heavy-duty steel end caps stamped ‘ISO certified, with no compromise, permanent, single-use nitrile seals. Diesel filtration solutions make use of a higher standard Viton seal to resist chemical attack and filter leaching.

“There is a clear lack of knowledge around standards or ISO cleanliness when it comes to sub-standard manufacturers passing off inferior products. Elements are exposed to atmospheric dust and filter windings appear haphazard and of poor quality,” says FitzGerald.

“These manufacturers are attempting to capitalise on the reputation and hard work of ISO-Reliability partners and, in so doing, put users of copied filter elements at great risk. If external particulate contamination is introduced into high precision, high value fluid systems of critical production equipment, equipment failures are assured,” adds FitzGerald.
ISO-Reliability Partners produces its filtration elements under strict cleanliness standards using HEPA air filters to purify and eliminate the possibility of airborne particulate being exposed to the final products. HEPA air filtration effectively removes 99.7% of viruses and bacteria, 99.8% of micro-organisms, and 88.9% of formaldehyde.

Using high-precision dust sensors, the company monitors and ensures the removal of PM.25 dust, bacteria, pollen, and smoke. Furthermore, it makes use of a cold catalyst air filter with honeycomb activated carbon to absorb and decompose formaldehyde, mould, phenol, smoke, benzene, xylene, and other harmful gases in the air.

In terms of air purity within its production facility, FitzGerald notes that this involves the removal of gases, dust, and particulate matter 40 times smaller than the naked eye can see. As such, extreme measures are necessary to reach the desired air purity within the company’s filter element facility.

ISO-Reliability Partners’ reputation and success spans 25 years, with it owning and managing the iconic Filter Focus brand, and FitzGerald having incorporated all his intellectual property into the new company. It is an own emblem manufacturerof class-leading micro-fine oil filtration solutions, vacuum dehydration systems, automated water removal for compressed air and high efficiency industrial air scrubbing.

“Our high production standards ensure customer satisfaction and unrivalled protection of their critical production equipment,” concludes FitzGerald. Any company passing off products and/or Filter Focus technologies does so under trademark infringement.”

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