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Forget 4IR, this new school is preparing students for 5IR

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EDUCATION in the field of information and digital technology is no longer the exclusive domain of aspiring tech-fundi and IT managers. Instead, digital and IT education is now a prerequisite for any individual seeking to operate across a spectrum of industries and sectors.

That’s according to Paresh Soni, Director of MANCOSA, who said it was in response to the overwhelming demand for contemporary digital and IT education offerings, that it had launched the School of Information and Digital Technology (SIDT).

He said the school would appeal to students wanting to advance their skills and qualifications as technology professionals, whilst also catering to students who may work in a variety of other industries and who are seeking to operate effectively as “digital citizens, digital artisans, leaders and innovators”.

The SIDT’s programme offerings comprise a mix of formal learning programmes (FLPs) and short learning programmes (SLPs). Topics and subjects range from digital marketing, cyber security and social media to technology management, digital leadership, 3D printing and robotics.

Soni said the school would help equip professionals, managers and leaders with the skills and knowledge required to navigate the next evolution of optimisation, automation and more: the Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR).

“In this new era, humans and technology will co-exist, driven by a common purpose… The 5IR looks beyond the 4IR pillars of excessive automation and obsessive optimisation and aims to bring the human back to the forefront of thought. We want to re-humanise tech education in the age of machines, automation and artificial intelligence.”

Soni said that a range of shorter courses, such as 100% online self-paced programmes, blended hands-on training (BHoT) and masterclasses have also been developed to address a diverse range of basic, intermediate and expert skills related to information and digital technology.

Other courses offered include Coding, Programming, AI, Robotics, Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing, IT Management, Cybersecurity, Machine Learning, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Web Dev, Ethical Hacking, App Dev, Blockchain and Networking.

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