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Expanding range and stock prompts supplier’s move

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IN May 2023, EnergyValves , one of EMVAfrica’s three divisions (EnergyMetals and Multi Alloys), relocated to its own facility in Kyalami Office Park, Midrand, Johannesburg. The move was prompted by EnergyValves’ excellent growth over the past few years which amplified the need for more space to accommodate increased stock holding and resources.

“Our new facility will enhance our operational efficiencies by giving us better access to infrastructure, transportation networks and utilities,” says valves business unit manager for EnergyValves, Anesh Prithilall. “This investment enables us to acquire new equipment and adopt modern technologies, with increased productivity and competitiveness as a result.

Our much larger valve stock holding gives us greater market flexibility while the additional space also enables us to greatly diversify and expand our valve range. Our subsequent ability to handle diverse valve enquiries and large orders for different valve types, materials, and pressure ratings will unlock more avenues of supply to a broader base of potential customers.”

In addition to a complete range of world-class quality globe, ball, gate, butterfly, check and safety relief valves, the company’s product portfolio also extends to diaphragm, needle, solenoid (electromechanical), pinch, pressure reducing and control units for more specialised applications. “Due to our wide valve offering, we can meet virtually any application requirement for industries such as oil & gas, water and waste treatment, mining, power generation, chemical processing, petrochemical, manufacturing, and construction,” says Prithilall.

He unpacks the company’s products and applications: “Some of the more commonly used valves include globe valves used for regulation and fluid flow control in pipelines and process systems and gate valves which are ideal for on/off flow control in systems with low-pressure drop and tight shut-offs. We have a high stock quantity of ball valves, which are very popular and suitable for a wide variety of applications due to their simple design and ability to provide quick shut-off.

“The quick-operation, cost-effective butterfly valves are widely used for large-volume fluid handling as well as for protecting equipment and systems from overpressure situations. Check valves are commonly used to allow one-way flow of fluids to prevent backflow in pipelines, while control valves are used for precise control of flow, pressure, temperature, and other process variables,” he says.

Moving to the company’s specialised valves, Prithilall says needle valves are used for precise flow control and solenoid valves for automation and remote control. Pinch valves are suitable for handling slurries and abrasive materials and Pressure reducing valves are required in certain systems to maintain consistent downstream pressure.

Prithilall points out that the popularity of valves can change over time due to influencing factors such as technological advancements (digitalisation), changes in industrial requirements and emerging applications. According to Prithilall, there is tremendous growth potential and many untapped opportunities in the South and Southern African region.

“Continued investment in infrastructure projects such as water supply systems, wastewater treatment plants, power generation facilities, and transportation networks, is driving the demand for valves.” “Furthermore, a growing population coupled with industrialisation will demand more energy. Subsequently, power plant projects, both conventional and renewable, will increase the demand for valves.” Prithilall also points out that as valve systems are essential for numerous mining processes such as slurry transport, mineral processing, and ventilation systems, increased mining activities will drive the need for valves.

Prithilall further anticipates growth opportunities in water and wastewater treatment applications where valves also play a critical role. “If the region’s oil and gas reserves are discovered or expanded, the demand for valves in the oil & gas industry will likely grow, particularly in applications such as drilling, refining, and distribution. And finally, South Africa, as a gateway to the African continent, offers export opportunities.”
The new EnergyValves premises are situated close to parent company EMVAfrica.

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