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Energy storage gets cleaner, quieter, lighter

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WITH traditional energy sources like coal, an environmental pollutant, fast being depleted, the global gaze has turned to alternative cleaner and more cost-effective renewable energy resources.

That’s according to David Stanford, Business Line Manager, Portable Products at Atlas Copco Power Technique, who said batteries are fast becoming the technology of choice. Against this backdrop, that company recently unveiled ZenergiZe, a modular energy storage solution with high-density lithium-ion batteries at the heart of the system.

“We have reinvented modular energy storage. Optimum performance, significant fuel savings, reduced CO² emissions, zero noise and virtually no maintenance are all packaged into one mobile modular ZenergiZe unit,” Stanford said.

“Owing to smart engineering, our energy storage system is 70% more compact and lighter in weight compared to traditional alternatives.”

Stanford said a battery energy storage system or battery pack is an easy way to capture energy and store it for later use such as, for example, to supply power to an off-grid application or to complement a peak in demand. He added that although they cannot be used to replace grid power completely, energy storage systems offer reliable, efficient short-term solutions where grid power is intermittent or where generators cannot be used.

“Energy storage systems are also often used to manage energy generated from intermittent sources, such as solar panels.”

Stanford said high-density lithium-ion batteries are packed with features including a 40.000 hour lifespan under normal operating conditions and an overload capability up to 200%. “These virtually maintenance-free batteries deliver a large usable energy range compared to other technologies and are a perfect match for short cycles (charge and discharge) performance. Furthermore, they have been specifically designed to work at high and low ambient temperatures between -15°C and +50°C.”

He said a single 1.5 hour charge provides over twelve hours of power. It is available in two options, Island and Hybrid Mode.

In Island Mode, the energy storage system can be used as a standalone power solution and is recommended for job sites where noise or pollution concerns prohibit the use of a generator. Apart from zero noise and night environments, this mode is also ideal for remote telecom, rental and varying or low load applications.

The Hybrid Mode can be used together with any diesel generator. “This combination offers smart load management by enabling end-users to map load demand better,” said Stanford. “Once end-users have determined what they need to power and the relevant load cycles in terms of high and low load demand, they can run the Genset under fixed load while charging the ZenergiZe’s lithium-ion batteries so that it is ready to take over when load varies.”

He said this hybrid mode solution is ideal for use in a range of demanding applications including events and urban construction.

He said that using a fixed speed 1000kVA Genset to operate small tools like a 20kW drill for example, is extremely inefficient. “Running the ZenergiZe for small tool operation is a much more efficient solution that will present end-users with significant cost saving benefits on fuel and other operational costs.”

The ZenergiZe units incorporate a number of connectivity features and benefits including a smart start and stop function, an Energy Management system (EMS) complete with battery management communication (BMS), a remote monitoring system, a Bluetooth mobile application and parking mode.

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