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Eager to trim your electricity bill? Energy monitoring could be the answer

Home Infrastructure Energy – Power Generation Eager to trim your electricity bill? Energy monitoring could be the answer

By Aubrey Mcelnea: CEO Tsebo Facilities Management Solutions

ENERGY usage has become a major cost and we can expect higher electricity prices in future. Another challenge that’s all too familiar is that we only learn of a spike in monthly costs in arrears.

Neither are many of us aware that we are often not on the correct municipal tariff, which means we could be paying a lot less for electricity if we had only known.

Managing your energy usage puts you in control.

Tsebo Energy Solutions provides businesses across Africa with insights into energy consumption using their Consumption Intelligence System. The system can be used to review electricity tariffs for municipal areas, which can translate into substantial monthly savings.

The Consumption Intelligence System also provides real-time energy usage reports to correct energy consumption patterns, and is extremely useful if you have tenants or sub-tenants as it allows you to bill them in real-time for the applicable month, avoiding the pitfalls of arrear billing.

In addition to monitoring electricity use, Tsebo Energy Solutions’ Consumption Intelligence System can be used to monitor and report real-time use of water, steam, liquid fuel, gas, and CO2 emissions.

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