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Durban company launches 80% alcohol hand sanitiser

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THE Ferro Group has developed Ferroclean, an 80% alcohol-based disinfectant hand sanitiser made in Durban by NCS Resins

“The risk of citizens buying hand sanitisers, at excessive prices, that do not meet acceptable quality raw materials and standards, motivated the team at Ferro to… to develop a manufacturing line that gives the consumer what they need – a disinfectant that is effective, reliable and priced responsibly,” the company said in a statement.

NCS Resins was established in 1908 and is the largest manufacturer of unsaturated polyester resins in Africa.

“Ferroclean has a total alcohol content of more than 80% which is significant as most of the market is at 60% – 70% total alcohol,” the company said.

All the alcohols used in Ferro’s hand sanitiser are based on either pure potable ethanol (food grade), or pure ethanol 99.9% (USP grade) and which have been denatured with approved pure isopropanol 99% (USP grade) or other approved non-toxic denaturants such as Bittrex. The various alcohols were specifically manufactured to remove toxic levels of methanol or acetates.

It does not contain any dyes or fragrances that could potentially result in an allergic reaction or skin irritation.

“Water is sourced from municipal potable (drinking) water that is regularly tested by the municipality to ensure that it meets the requirements of the South African National Standards (SANS 241-1:2015). The water, used in Ferroclean, then undergoes further purification by the Ferro group using ion exchange resins to produce de-ionised water.”

According to the company, this step removes any traces of toxic heavy metals. Deionised water is classified as “purified water” in accordance with the US Pharmacopeia (USP) guidelines.

A further purification step is applied, that satisfies the requirement for “protection against microbial contamination” and involves the use of hydrogen peroxide in the formulation which destroys any bacterial spores that may still be present either in any of the raw materials used or on the inside of the packaging.

The hand sanitiser is available in bulk tankers of 25,000 litres and pack sizes of 5-litre jerry cans, 25-litre kegs and 250-litre drums, with a minimum order quantity of 540 litres (1 pallet).

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