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Durban company develops non-flammable industrial surface sanitiser

Home Engineering Chemical Durban company develops non-flammable industrial surface sanitiser

Local lubricant blender, Indy Oil, has formulated a water based industrial surface sanitiser to disinfect, sanitise and deodorise non-porous surfaces.

According to the company, the new product contains an FDA, EPA and NSF approved active ingredient proven to be effective against encapsulated viruses such as coronavirus as well as a wide range of microbes, bacteria and pathogens.

“The Indy Oil Surface Sanitiser is suitable to be used in factories, on machinery and equipment, in hospitals, nursing homes and offices. It is also food safe making it perfect for use in food processing factories, restaurants and bars, where frequent disinfecting of equipment and surfaces is essential to meet strict health and safety regulations,” said Technical Manager Jayne Bhanjan, adding that the product is non-flammable.

She said public transport vehicles like buses and taxis could also benefit from the disinfectant properties of the sanitiser as it can be used to clean seats, dashboards, door handles, hand railings, seatbelts and rubber floor mats to prevent the spread of the coronavirus from passenger to passenger.

“Indy Oil has customers across a range of industries and it was important to us to develop a product that will assist them in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Alcohol based sanitisers are high risk in certain operations due to flammability, making their use dangerous in many commercial and factory settings,” Bhanjan said.

“Alcohol based sanitisers also do not provide residual protection. In order to have constant surface protection using an alcohol-based sanitiser more frequent applications is required to be effective in disinfecting germs and bacteria. The Indy Oil Surface Sanitiser is water based so there is no fire risk, while its high medical grade formulation ensures safe and effective disinfection of surfaces such as worktops, floors, walls, furniture and equipment.”

Bhanjan said their sanitiser is a ready to use disinfectant that can be applied directly onto surfaces which may be wiped or washed off with water after a maximum contact time of ten minutes. “It offers peace of mind to our customers and the public that are exposed to areas of high traffic volumes including communal kitchens, bathrooms, reception and security areas.”

The Indy Oil Industrial Surface Sanitiser is available in 5L, 20L and 1000L flow bins.

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