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DCT teams pilot 100-day capacity-building programme

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TRANSNET Port Terminals (TPT), in partnership with the University of Pretoria (UP), has launched an outcomes-based initiative that upskills employees across all levels in order to improve the state-owned company’s operational performance in 100 days. The Rapid 100 programme, from the US-based Rapid Results Institute, allows teams to set up their own goals and plan how they will go about achieving them.

According to TPT general manager of engineering, capital projects and operations technology Jaco van der Westhuizen, frontline teams in operations are directly affected by the challenges and they know what they are. Equally, they also know how to fix them. As such, the initiative empowers teams to determine the outcomes, whereby managers support plans, unlock or pull resources that the team requires to execute a task.

The Durban Container Terminals Pier 1 and 2 have been selected as pilot sites. For the first wave of the 100 days starting this week, a combination of millwrights, operators, buyers, planners, electricians, supervisors, and mechanics will drive the first seven projects. Their duties on the Rapid 100 programme are already in line with their day-to-day work. Durban-based facilitators have been trained during the first waveThe overall focus is on improving the reliability and availability of operational equipment, ensuring the availability of spares and increasing crane moves per hour.

“We are creating internal capacity by upskilling employees and giving them ownership as people capable of finding solutions to our current challenges – and the results will bring our customers’ confidence back” said Van der Westhuizen, adding that it is the Rapid 100 methodology that guides the process from day 1 to 100.

A memorandum of understanding between TPT and UP will see the company increase its performance across key performance indicators that will enhance efficiency, with progress reported at 30-day intervals. UP has further contracted capacity building companies World of Impact and Engconomics as facilitators in this first phase of the initiative.

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