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Dairy expansion uses dry-type transformers

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Trafo Power Solutions has assisted a large diary producer in a recent expansion, supplying five dry-type distribution transformers to its facilities in a coastal region of South Africa.

“With an application in the food and beverage sector, it is important that any equipment in the plant meets the highest standards of cleanliness and safety,” says David Claassen, managing director of Trafo Power Solutions. “This means no risk of oil leaks or harmful gasses is tolerated, so the dry-type transformer option is ideal, with the added advantage of requiring very little maintenance.”

The transformers are 2MVA units, with 11kVA input stepping down to 400V. The warm and humid coastal environment demanded specialised enclosures coated with painting plan type C5 for demanding conditions.

“Our transformers are supplied into a wide variety of applications, so our design must often specify special materials and coatings to resist corrosion,” says Claassen. “Where units must operate very close to seawater, for instance, we ensure a selected grade of stainless steel in our manufacturing process.”

The project required Trafo Power Solutions to design, manufacture, test, deliver and install the five tonne units, as well as to assist with commissioning on site. He highlights that the company is always involved, directly or indirectly, in their equipment’s installation.

“In some projects, we will take complete responsibility for the delivery, off-loading, rigging and positioning of transformers for installation,” he says. “Where customers have their own rigging team or arrangements, we still make it our business to be there at the time. These are specialised pieces of equipment and it is important to move them correctly to avoid any possible damage.”

The transformers were fitted into three new substations constructed by the customer last year to power the extended dairy facility. Manufacturing of the transformers was undertaken by Trafo Power Solution’s strategic partner TMC Transformers, a global leader in cast resin transformers based in Italy. The completed units were shipped into Durban, and transported timeously to the customer’s site in KwaZulu-Natal province.

Dry-type transformers are air-cooled rather than oil-cooled, making them safe to use in enclosed and confined spaces, as the risk of fire or explosion is so low. The absence of oil also makes them suitable for applications where high levels of hygiene or environmental protection are required. These features make them quick and cost-effective to install, as no dedicated infrastructure such as bund walls or brick structures are required.

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