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Couplings for effective transfer of torque in tough conditions

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BMG’s reinforced Fenner Triflex couplings, with forged steel flanges, provide an integrated solution for the safe and efficient transfer of torque, even in extreme conditions.

That’s according to Leon Alberts, Operations Manager, BMG’s Power Transmission division, who said the couplings are designed to compensate for axial, radial and angular misalignment.

“The high-quality elastomer elements, with reinforced cord inlays, provide effective dampening for torque peaks and shock loads, also absorbing start-up impacts. Rubber components, which provide additional support and protection, also reduce noise levels during operation.”

Alberts said typical applications for this range include pump systems, hydraulic drives and conveyor drivelines in mining, agriculture and general engineering.

“This robust coupling system – with a high-power density ratio – also ensures safe and efficient performance in special machinery like wood cutting machines, shredder applications and rock crushers.”

The design of this series enables compatibility with all sizes – both regular and custom dimensions – of shaft/hub connection requirements. Flange hubs can be machined to exact keyway/slot or multi-spline connection specifications.

According to BMG specialists, a notable feature of this series is the three-edged design of the forged steel flanges, that enables connection of shaft diameters up to 127mm.

Flanges are protected against corrosion by an electroplated coating which ensures superior storing characteristics and protects steel components against aggressive media and environmental impacts. This protective coating is particularly useful in corn harvesting machines, inside biogas fermenters and in the marine industry.

Flanges and couplings are joined by a simple screw connection, using high grade 10.9 bolts and robust washers with a 300 HV hardness.

The screw connection is easy to install, as the bolts are connected directly into the flange material. This system allows easy replacement of couplings, without the need to disassemble metal parts. All that’s required is loosening of the bolts and replacing the flexible disc element in a radial direction.

BMG provides a 24-hour customer process support throughout southern Africa. This is enhanced by advanced technical and design support.

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