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Condition monitoring company expands in India

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CONDITION monitoring specialist company, WearCheck, recently opened the doors to its second laboratory in India – this one in Durgapur – after the success of its Chennai-based laboratory, which has operated successfully since 2010.

The South Africa-based company, recognised as a leader in the preventive maintenance sector across the African continent and beyond since 1976, offers an extensive range of world-class condition monitoring services in 16 state-of-the-art laboratories in Africa, the Middle East and India.

Now, plant maintenance in the West Bengal region is set to be revolutionised – speedy analysis and reporting on a wide range of condition monitoring services are provided by the brand-new WearCheck laboratory in Durgapur, India.

WearCheck’s fundamental goals are to save time and money for customers by ensuring that industrial machinery operates at peak performance, with reduced maintenance costs.

WearCheck services clients in sectors ranging from power generation and renewable energy to mining, fleet management, aviation, maritime and more.

The company’s core business is the scientific analysis of used oil, fuel and other fluids, whereby samples are analysed in the laboratory for trace particles, which indicate which component is suffering unusual wear patterns. This information is assessed by highly trained diagnosticians, who make recommendations on the required remedial action for the component in question. WearCheck’s diagnosticians have access to a huge database of information on performance trends for different machinery components – data which has been carefully collected and collated since the company’s inception over 45 years ago.

The new Indian laboratory, strategically located in the major industrial city and mining hub catering to the Eastern Region, West Bengal, addresses the growing demand for top-drawer condition monitoring services in the region.  As a major industrial hub, Durgapur is home to a variety of operations, including manufacturing, power generation and more. The experienced and highly qualified WearCheck team is standing by to provide world-class condition monitoring services to the Bengalese mechanised sector.

WearCheck regional managing director, Sundip More, outlines the concept of proactive maintenance, ‘By monitoring a component’s condition regularly over time, our scientific techniques provide reliable data which enables our diagnosticians to predict accurately whether and when that component will potentially fail.

‘We identify a potential failure before it occurs and recommend a remedy. This way, catastrophic failure is avoided, thereby enhancing machine availability and performance. The repair work to the component can be scheduled for a time that suits the work programme.

‘Unplanned component failure can be extremely costly and preferably avoided. With forewarning about potential component failure, our customers dodge unnecessary maintenance costs and maintain efficiency by upholding optimum production levels.’

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