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Active voltage conditioner enhances Toti crane’s operation

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STEINWEG, a global provider in storage, handling, forwarding, chartering, and commodity logistics, has successfully resolved recurring voltage and power quality challenges plaguing the main crane at its Amanzimtoti, Durban facility thanks to the expertise of Ultimate Electrical Services (UES), a channel part-ner of ABB, the global technology provider of electrical products and solutions.

Steinweg’s vital operations depend on the crane, which operates ‘on-demand’ 24/7 to move client con-tainers effectively. However, continual voltage fluctuations were wreaking havoc, resulting in frequent damage to the crane’s rectifiers and extended periods of unavailability due to repairs.

Recognising the urgency of the situation, UES recommended ABB’s PCS100 AVC-40, an active voltage conditioner, as the ultimate solution to ensure a consistent 400 V power supply to the crane. UES carefully clarified the AVC’s operation and benefits over conventional active voltage regulators, showcasing its potential to guard the electrical supply to the crane at the same time as maintaining a stable voltage output.

The implementation of the AVC not only safeguarded the crane’s electrical supply, but also eliminated the financial losses, lost productivity, and reputational damage incurred when the crane unexpectedly went offline due to power issues.

Ivor Becks, UPS and power conditioning sales specialist at ABB, comments: “Now that Steinweg enjoys protected and uninterrupted power supply, the crane experiences virtually no component failures and is readily available to meet the demands of their clients. Satisfied clients often translate into increased re-ferral business for Steinweg. We are delighted to have partnered with UES to provide a swift and effec-tive solution to Steinweg, enabling them to refocus on serving their clients.”

The 300 kVA AVC was installed in a dedicated room equipped with air-conditioning to ensure optimum performance. Since the AVC installation, Steinweg has reported zero downtime attributable to voltage fluctuations, underscoring the success of the project and the enhanced operational efficiency achieved by means of ABB’s innovative solution.

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