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Access control ushers in retail value for merchants

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ACCESS control and security solutions company Dormakaba South Africa’s portfolio includes master key systems, key systems, door hardware, interior glass systems, lodging systems, safe locks, movable walls, entrance systems, as well as electronic access and data.

“Dormakaba is acutely aware that retailers in today’s market need technology to strictly regulate access, to protect employees, buildings, product and other essential resources,” the company said in a statement, adding that there is a high demand for fully automated, touch-free infrastructure, along with revolving doors and automatic sliding doors.

“Dormakaba differentiates itself in a competitive market with the roll out and implementation of aesthetically pleasing but robust, easy-to-manage infrastructure. Moreover, there is a definite increase in demand for electronic access and data solutions to control access for personnel, vehicles and tracking of workforce.”

The company’s physical access systems, horizontal sliding walls, and more can be applied to- and help manage all areas of operation, from entrances and common areas, staff access, evacuation and emergency exits, as well as fire-proof and smoke-proof doors, restaurants, shops, and entertainment zones, like cinemas.

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