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A smooth operator, even in tough conditions

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HPE Africa’s new Hyundai R215 crawler excavators, launched locally in October 2023, are set to lead the way with many ‘best in class’ features that optimise efficiency, maximise productivity and ensure safety in arduous conditions.

“Our new Hyundai R215 series – an exciting addition to our earthmoving portfolio – boasts many benefits, including a long, strengthened undercarriage for greater stability, an advanced ECO operating mode for enhanced fuel efficiency and higher profitability, and new features for improved safety on site,” explains Ross Collard, managing director, HPE Africa. “The Hyundai design team continually advances its wide range of earthmoving equipment to ensure maximum performance and proven quality. Design improvements also ensure greater precision, versatility, safety and simplified maintenance.

“Intensive field testing of R215 excavators in tough conditions shows impressive performance. What’s significant are excellent digging forces (bucket – 15 500 kgf and arm – 12 000 kgf), higher manoeuvrability and traction force (21 100 kgf) and improved fuel efficiency.

“The newly designed operator cab offers more space, better visibility, easy-to-access controls and an adjustable suspension seat to ensure the operator has a comfortable and safe working environment and can work for longer hours without stress or fatigue. A large LCD monitor enables operators to choose between power, work and user modes and are also able to easily check on the machine’s condition. Self-diagnostic systems for oil and coolant temperature and other vital statistics reduce downtime, while warning indicators ensure safer working conditions.

“The local market will also be pleased with the convenience of easy access for maintenance procedures, which means regular checks get done faster. The newly-designed, more efficient cooling system extends service intervals, reduces machine downtime and minimises operating costs.”

The Hyundai R215 series – with a Gross Power (HP) of 140 HP @ 2 000 rpm and an operating weight of 21 700 kg – has a variable displacement axial piston type pump, with an electro-hydraulic control function that provides a wide range of flow at various workloads, to meet exact operating requirements.

The water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel, 6-cylinder in-line, direct injection turbocharged engine is designed for power and reliability in challenging heat, humidity and dust conditions, without compromising productivity.

Features for fuel efficiency include an advanced CAPO system and newly designed CMCU, power and working mode options. A fuel saving kit comprises sensors that monitor loads and send signals to the main control valve to minimise fuel consumption. Fuel savings are enhanced by the exclusive power mode for breaker operation.

For enhanced efficiency, this series features a one-touch deceleration switch and an auto idle function that prevents fuel losses by reducing engine rpm during no-load conditions. The auto-piloted swing priority increases hydraulic oil flow to the swing circuit in combined operation, which leads to a faster swing cycle for greater productivity and profitability.

The open centre design of the main control valve provides fast synchronisation between the joystick and hydraulic components, increasing the speed and smoothness of operations. To enhance performance and prevent cavitation, the arm regeneration design helps to recirculate hydraulic energy from the return line to the pump supply line.

Structural features for greater durability include a boom and arm made from high tensile strength steel, reinforced with steel bearings and internal baffle plates to maximise impact strength. The new forged ring body in the lower frame enhances the durability and structural integrity of the excavator, extending service life. A heavy-duty track shoe of the undercarriage provides better stability on arduous terrain. In addition, the control link is cast in a single-piece design and the bucket linkages are reinforced to ensure high durability and greater digging forces.

An important feature for optimum safety on site includes an automatic engine overheat prevention system that monitors the coolant temperature and automatically lowers engine speed if it overheats, preventing premature failure of the excavator. A counter-balance valve applies hydro-static braking, to stop the machine from rolling down steep slopes, while a holding valve keeps attachments locked in position. A specially designed cover protects the fuel tank during excavation operations. Another critical safety feature is the anti-restart system.

HPE Africa specialists recommend the use of Hyundai genuine parts and lubricants to ensure the highest levels of performance, reliability and safety from every machine. Service intervals for this series are standard – every 250 hours.

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