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4IR technology brings new safety standards to on-site mobility

Home Engineering ICT 4IR technology brings new safety standards to on-site mobility

A JSE-listed company, based in Pietermaritzburg, has elevated its health and safety standards by installing an artificial intelligence (AI) camera system, Optavision. The system detects the presence of pedestrians around or near the company’s forklift trucks.

Optavision can differentiate between objects and pedestrians using artificial intelligence. It is one of the most advanced pedestrian safety systems available. Optavision is normally installed with one rear-facing camera, however up to four cameras can be integrated to offer 360-degree coverage. Optavision alerts the operator to the presence of pedestrians within a programable zone or distance. The in-cab screen outlines the position and distance of a pedestrian or pedestrians from the machine giving the operator a visual and audible warning of their presence. Optavision does not rely on the use of tags, transponders or high visibility reflective vests to detect pedestrians, this ensures safety regardless of normal PPE standards. All pedestrians are therefore protected, whether they are employees, contractors, or visitors.

Optavision is a standalone AI system, but can be integrated with speed restrictors, to automatically reduce speed when a pedestrian is present. Digital video recorders and monitoring systems can be linked to the system to record information should an incident occur. This makes it an invaluable tool when investigating incidents. The AI-enabled system is ideal for any forklift or mobile asset from trucks to earthmoving & yellow equipment.

Richard Gibbs, sales and marketing manager for FMS Technology said, “A zero harm policy is important to any company and companies are invested in their workers’ safety. Optavision takes on-site safety to the next level and brings ‘fourth industrial revolution’ technology into the workplace. We constantly work to improve site safety alongside our customers. When Optavision is linked to our FMS speed controller or an OEM-fitted speed control device, we reduce the likelihood of accidents drastically, by automatically reducing speed when a pedestrian is detected. With the fourth industrial revolution changing our world, the outlook for on-site safety looks safer than ever”.

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