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4 steps to better coding and label tracking

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PYROTEC’S PackLink software provides a customised, fully integrated coding and labelling tracking system.

The company’s General Manager Projects/Sales in Africa, Shaun Pillay, said the product was aimed at “brand owners and manufacturers who want to increase line visibility while improving efficiency by tracking waste, labour and resources, and limiting downtime by enabling critical decisions to be made on the fly”.

“In short, Pyrotec PackLink helps customers to achieve overall equipment efficiency.”

Pillay said it works with four easy steps:

  1. Identify – PackLink connects with a database or ERP system to automatically retrieve product data and capture bar codes, date codes and other coding and marking information.
  2.  Verify – The software replaces manual data entry with secured data input and makes decisions based on a set of rules.
  3.  Track and Trace – Using PackLink, a unique product code is generated that allows presence verification at every step – from manufacturing throughout the supply chain.
  4.  Overall Equipment Efficiency – The software ensures the final step is achieved: overall equipment efficiency.

“Because Pyrotec PackLink’s software is customised and developed in-house by Pyrotec, customers can build onto the system as and when budgets allow, or business requirements dictate,” Pillay said, adding that it is ideal for SMEs that are focussed on growth.

“We can begin with a simple integration/tracking system and expand on this as required.”

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